​​​​​​Students and families of all faith backgrounds, who share our values, are welcome. ​​​

To make an enrolment application please click the button below and submit the supporting documents to pyarenrolment@bne.catholic.edu.au.


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Please click the green button below to make an Enrolment Applicaiton​


​After completing the Enrolment Application Form, an email will be sent requesting supporting documentation to be emailed to pyarenrolment@bne.catholic.edu.au or dropped into the school office. 

An enrolment application will not be processed until the supporting documentation has been received

within 7 days of making the applicaton.

  After 7 days, applications will be deemed inactive if the supporting documentation has not been received.

Supporting documentation includes a birth certificate and evidence of citizenship or residency if neither parent was born in Australia.  When all the required documents have been received, your application will be processed.

Once processed, you will be contacted to either invite students and parents to attend an enrolment interview with the Principal or delegate or placed on a waiting list. An offer of a place will only be made after an interview, at the discretion of the Principal. Families wishing to accept an offer will need to confirm this by completing the Confirmation of Enrolment paperwork and paying an enrolment bond by the due date.  After this time, the application may be placed on a waiting list.

Enrolment and Confirmation Fees

​There is no fee to make an Enrolment Application. 

To accept an Offer of Enrolment, a $100 payment is required per family. This amount will be deducted from the school fee account, but  is not refundable should you cancel the enrolment once it has been accepted​.  Siblings of current students do not require a payment to be made.

​View the St Clare's Primary Sc​​hool Enrolment Policy