Master Facilities Plan

​​St Clare’s Primary School at Yarrabilba will establish itself initially as a three stream primary school. It may, in the future, grow to a four stream school.
In the St Clare's Master Facilities Plan, our classrooms have been clustered in three learning spaces.
  • Early Years' Learning Cluster - Prep to Year 2
  • Middle Years' Learning Cluster - Year 3 & 4
  • Senior Years' Learning Cluster - Years 5 & 6
An open conservation corridor runs alongside the gentle sloping and spacious block.
Construction of St Clare's Primary School will take place over three stages. Stage 1 opened in 2017 and included the administration block, library, learning support, nine classrooms, undercover sports area, oval, tuckshop, uniform shop, early years' playground, and shade sails.
The Middle Years' Learning Cluster and playground was opened in 2019. 
In 2021, all classrooms and learning spaces were airconditioned.
Six additional classrooms and a library were completed in 2022 and additional learning spaces were added in 2024.
The placement of the learning clusters allow all students, within or across phases of learning, to access multipurpose facilities, specialised and general learning areas. The learning clusters are centred around a communal gathering/sharing spaces. The gathering space within the Early Years' Cluster is called "Assisi Place”. Flowing from the central gathering areas, learning spaces allow for groups of learners to collaborate in small and large groups.

The student drop off and pick up zone in the centre of the school, ​ensures the safety of all.