School Fees Procedures

School Fees Procedures
St Clare’s Primary School
The setting of school fees is the responsibility of the School Principal guided by the policies and levies set by Brisbane Catholic Education. The school fees, and any alterations, are approved by the St Clare’s Pastoral School Board.
School fees are emailed to families each term and may be paid through direct debit, EFTPOS, bank transfer, or via cash/cheque. Please see our office staff for details.
1. Payment of Fees
1.1 School fee accounts will be issued in the first week of each term and are to be settled within 14 days unless payment is made in instalments or other arrangements are made with the Principal within those 14 days.
1.2 Fees may be paid in instalments or by way of direct debit from a suitable financial institution account if it is more convenient for families to do so.
1.3 All occasions of leave of absence of a child/ren from school attendance will be paid in full unless the child/ren cease to be enrolled at the school.
1.4 Fees will be calculated on a per week pro-rata scale for an enrolment of a student after the first day of term or if a child departs the school before the end of term.
1.5 Families seeking short-term enrolment will be required to pay a pro-rate fee negotiated with the Principal. 

2. Recovery of Unpaid Fees

2.1 In justice to families who pay their school fees regularly and on time, our school will follow up all overdue school fee accounts.

2.2 Individual reminder notices for overdue accounts will be used. However, a prominent general reminder notice will appear in the school newsletter when the accounts are issued.

2.3 Parents/Caregivers who are unable to pay by the due date are expected to contact the school to make alternative arrangements.

2.4 If there is a failure to pay fees within 14 days of the due date, the following action will be taken:

2.4.1 The school may contact the family by phone requesting a meeting to discuss the matter.

2.4.2 If the school cannot resolve the outstanding school fee accounts with the parents/caregivers, debt collection procedures maybe undertaken to recover the amounts owing.

2.5 Students will not be denied access to a Catholic education due to genuine financial hardship.

Approved Procedures Published 1st September 2017