School Fees

​St Clare's Primary School aims to keep school fees as low as possible, and provides flexible payment arrangements for families. Please contact the School should you have enquiries about the payment of fees or wish to discuss a fee concession.

School fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly. The table below shows the Yearly fees.

Below are the fees for the 2021 School year.  

fee snip.JPG

The Tuition Fee ensures that the operational costs of the school are met. These costs include maintaining student facilities, staffing, insurance, utilities etc. The Tuition Fee also includes an Archdiocesan Education Levy, which provides shared resources to all schools across the Archdiocese. A discount applies to the Tuition Fee for families with more than one child enrolled in the school.
The Student Levy covers all stationery and text books for your child. There is not an additional book list fee. The Student Levy also allows our staff to plan for a range of activities including class and year level excursions, inter-school sport, dance lessons as well as providing buses for a variety of events the students attend. The Student Levy is also used to purchase resources which are used directly by the students in the classrooms e.g. Mathematics, English, Science and Visual Arts resources and materials.
The Information Technology (IT) Levy will ensure our students are provided with the latest technology equipment, resources and support. It will also ensure our teachers are well supported by providing professional learning opportunities.
The Capital Levy will enable St Clare's to continue to grow and develop as a modern, contemporary school. This levy pays for new buildings and structures. The Capital Levy is a family based levy and is only applied to the eldest enrolled child.
The Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Levy will assist the families of St Clare's to fund local school projects e.g. additional landscaping, play equipment. These projects are determined by the parent and local community in consultation with the school principal. The FACE Levy is a family based levy and is only applied to the eldest enrolled child.