School Uniform

​Orders​​ are to be placed through the Qkr! App with delivery to class on Mondays and Wednesdays if ordered by 9am.

Uniform fittings are Wednesday 8am to 8:30am.  No booking is required.

School Uniform Prices
ITEMSIZE 4 - 12SIZE 14 - 20
​Formal - Girl's Culottes​$35.00​$35.00
​Formal - Girl's Blouse​$39.00​$42.00
​Formal - Boy's Shorts​$29.00​$32.00
​Formal - Boy's Shirts​$39.00​$42.00
​Sports - Unisex Shorts​$27.00$​29.00
​Sports - Unisex Shirt​$34.00​$36.00
​Winter Jacket​$45.00​$45.00
​Winter Jumper​$32.00​$32.00
​Winter Trackpants​$32.00​$32.00
Socks (pk of 3)     $10​.00
Bucket Hat           $15.00
School Bag          $46.00​