School Staff 2018

School Leadership Team
Principal – Mr Chris Thomas
Assistant Principal Religious Education – Mrs Janette Gode
Primary Learning Leader – Mrs Bianca Murphy
Support Teacher Inclusive Education – Mrs Stephanie Sims
Administrative Staff
Executive Assistant to the Principal – Mrs Evette Kirkwood
Finance Secretary – Mrs Evette Kirkwood
School Secretary – Mrs Kylie Brown 
Classroom Teaching Staff
Prep Gold – Miss Jacqui Douglas
Prep Green – Mrs Cathy Manteufel
Year 1 Gold Mrs Kerrie-Anne Dickson
Year 1 Green – Mrs Holly Tampion
Year 2 Gold – Miss Meg Scharkie
Year 3 Green – Mrs Marg Marshall
Year 3/4 Gold – Mrs Moira Dixon
Year 5 Gold – Mrs Cindy Plater
Learning Support Staff
Support Teacher Inclusive Education – Mrs Stephanie Sims
Guidance Counsellor – Mrs Caz Cipa
Speech Therapist – Miss Cara Crowley
Learning Engagement Teacher – Ms Simone Ganter
Specialist Teaching Staff
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, Mathematics) Teacher ​– Mrs Bianca Murphy
Performing Arts Teacher – Mrs Angela Williamson
Physical Education Teacher – Mr Santo Nucifora
Health Education Teacher – Mrs Tanya Read

ESL Teacher – Mrs Tanya Read
Teacher Librarian – Mrs Janette Gode
School Officers & Teacher Aides
Prep Teacher Aides – Mrs Erin Mailman, Miss Deni Sims & Miss Jaimi Spencer
Learning Intervention Teacher Aides – Mrs Helen Frederick, Mrs Sonja Broom, Mrs Tina Bein and Mrs Sharlene Cooper
Library School Officer – Mrs Ashlee Oliver
Workplace Health & Safety Officer
Mrs Evette Smith
Uniform Shop Convenor
Mrs Kylie Brown
Tuckshop Convenor
Ms Annie Chand
Mr Mike Goldsworthy
Cleaning Staff
Mrs Dina Knezovic & Mr Tony Knezovic
Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
Ms Julie Walker