Student and Class Allocation Procedures

Procedures for Student and Class Allocations
St Clare’s Primary School
Class sizes and composition are determined by the complex interplay between enrolments, staffing (systemic and local) and the unique needs of our school community. Responsible stewardship is paramount in decision-making. It will take into account:
  • The role of St Clare’s Primary School in serving families within the Regents Park Parish.
  • Children's learning.
  • Human and financial resources.
  • The industrial rights of employees.
Guiding Principles
The following principles serve to inform the Principal, teachers, parents and children in the process of forming class groups:
  • We aim to offer students developmentally appropriate learning experiences that reflect our school’s vision, mission and values.
  • We aim for ‘balance’ in class composition that takes into account the following factors:
    • Balance of siblings and new families - specifically in the Prep year intake.
    • Gender balance and learning styles.
    • Balance in the abilities and learning needs of the students e.g. social, emotional, cognitive, physical.
  • Parents are welcome to write to the Principal to provide him/her with educational/social information they believe would help in their child’s placement. Letters/emails are not to be addressed to the class teachers.
  • The written requests of parents in relation to their own child are listened to and respected during the placement process. This does not mean that they are acted upon, rather, that they are considered in the context of these procedures.
  • The Principal has the final responsibility of class placements.
  • During the month of October[1] parents are invited to write to the Principal regarding their own child’s needs. This is only necessary if you believe the Principal or school is unaware of your child’s learning/social needs.
  • In collaboration with the Support Teacher Inclusive Education, teachers group students according to the above principles.
  • Teachers present class group recommendations to the Principal by mid - November.
  • The Principal reviews recommendations in consultation with the Student Support Team and notifies the class teachers if changes are required.
  • The Principal confirms Prep - Year 6 class groups and announces class teachers by the end of November[2].
  • The administration staff finalise classes and prints letters to parents.
  • Letters notifying the parents of their child’s teacher for the following year are distributed in the final weeks of term.

[1] The Principal will only receive requests in writing and they must be received before the end of October.
[2] Teachers cannot be announced prior to this because Brisbane Catholic Education confirms staffing with all Catholic schools in late November.