Homework Guidelines

Homework Guidelines
St Clare’s Primary School
At St Clare’s School the purpose for homework is to:
  • encourage opportunities for the students to review and reinforce learning that is initiated in the classroom;
  • develop self-discipline and effective study habits that students require in secondary school and later in life;
  • and provide parents/caregivers with an opportunity to be directly involved in their child’s education.
At St Clare’s we believe that homework should not cause family stress or jeopardize the right of children to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.  Our approach supports the importance of family time, relaxation and play, and acknowledges the varied outside of school hours activities in which the students participate.

Year Level

Amount of time that you may expect your child to spend on homework

Homework is likely to consist of the following activities



·      Reading to/with/by parents or caregivers.

Years 1 & 2

15 mins per day

·      Reading to/with/by parents or caregivers.

·      Preparations for oral presentations
    e.g. Show & Tell.

·      Review & reinforce sight words/spelling.

Year 3 & 4

Up to 30 mins per day


Homework may be completed daily or over a weekly period.

·      Reading to/with/by parents or caregivers.

·      Preparations for oral presentations
    e.g. Show & Tell.

·      Review & reinforce multiplication/ division facts and spelling words.

Years 5 & 6

Up to but not more than 3 hours per week. 



·      Independent daily reading

·      Review & reinforce multiplication/ division facts and spelling words.

·      May include extension of class work & working on assignments that are carried over from classroom work.

Homework – Roles and Responsibilities
  • To ensure that homework expectations are consistent with the school’s homework guidelines
  • To facilitate the communication process between school and home and support home/school partnerships in relation to homework
  • To facilitate an annual review of the school’s homework guidelines
  • To encourage self-responsibility on the part of the students
  • To communicate homework expectations to the students and parents
  • To ensure that the resources required for homework tasks are easily obtained by the students
  • To provide ways for parents to communicate with teachers about homework
  • To discuss homework practices with year level colleagues to ensure consistency at each year level
  • To ensure that no new concepts or skills are introduced through homework
  • To select homework tasks that reinforce classroom learning
  • To affirm positive attitudes to homework
  • To always aim high and take pride in their work
  • To take responsibility for all necessary materials required for homework tasks
  • To bring completed homework to school by the due date
  • To talk to parents and teacher if having difficulty with homework
Parents and caregivers can help their children by:
  • Reading with/to their children or providing opportunities for independent reading
  • Encouraging their children to organise their time, gain independence in being responsible for their homework folders, diaries etc.
  • Helping their children to monitor the amount of time spent on completing homework, watching television, using social media, playing computer games and engaging in physical and other recreational activities
  • Affirming and celebrating their learning successes
Approved Guidelines Published 25th February 2016