Grievance Procedures

 Procedures for Formal Complaints
St Clare’s Primary School
St Clare’s Primary School acknowledges parents may occasionally have cause to make a complaint about an issue of concern about their child’s education.
The Principal and staff of St Clare’s are committed to resolving issues raised by parents or guardians in a prompt, positive and open manner. The school provides a grievance procedure for parents for the early resolution of issues through consultation, co-operation and discussion.
Complaints may be received, either verbally or in writing, by any member of the teaching staff. Our school aims to resolve complaints at the first point of contact with a staff member. If a complaint is not resolved at this point, the matter may be escalated to a higher authority (i.e. from teacher to Principal) for resolution.
Complaints regarding specific issues about an individual child should be discussed with the classroom teacher. However, matters related to our school more generally, including issues of school policy, should be discussed with the Principal.

The Principal has final responsibility for the management of all complaints related to school management issues. The Principal will ensure school processes will align with Brisbane Catholic Education’s policies and guidelines on the matter.
Procedures approved Friday 19th January 2017