Extra-Curricula Activities


Erin MacNamara is a local, experienced singing teacher who specialises in young voices. She has been teaching contemporary voice for the past five years, and has also recently completed a Master of Music Studies, majoring in Vocal Pedagogy at the Queensland Conservatorium. Having trained under some of Australia's and the UK's leading voice teachers and scientists, Erin has a vast knowledge of vocal anatomy and physiology, as well as developing healthy vocal technique in young and developing voices. Erin is extremely passionate about music and can teach most contemporary styles to all ages. She is very excited to be working with the children of St Clare's in the new year.

Contact Details
Name: Erin MacNamara
Email: erin.macnamara@me.com
Ph: 0433 084 345

Guitar Program

Ben Hoult is a private guitar teacher who is available for guitar lessons with St Clare's students. Ben offers individual or group lessons. Ben has over a decade of playing experience, including two music degrees from the Queensland Conservatorium covering both pop and jazz music. He is very passionate about teaching, and will cover all the rudiments essential for learning to play the guitar. Acoustic or electric guitar lessons are available to those interested. Ben also holds a current blue card.

Contact Details
Name: Ben Hoult
Email: ben.hoult@hotmail.com
Ph: 0415 251 954
Web: http://benhoult.wix.com/guitarlessons


Piano Program

Leah Routledge is a private piano teacher who is available for piano lessons with students at St Clare's Primary School. Leah has been teaching for over a decade and holds a Queensland Conservatorium music degree as well as a Graduate Diploma in Education. She teaches to Australian Music Examination Board standards and will teach students to read music, use proper technique and to understand music theory. Students can choose to undertake Australian Music Examination Board examinations or to learn for leisure. Lessons are tailored to suit each child's interests and learning style. Leah is very passionate about teaching music and giving each student the opportunity to excel. Students in preparatory year through to year six are welcome to enroll.

Contact Details

Name: Leah Routledge

Email: leah.routledge@griffithuni.edu.au  

Ph: 0431 340 439


School Choir

The Clare's Primary School Choir is formed by students who regularly learn and practice the art of singing and performing in the lead up to several performances throughout the year. During choir lessons, students are taught the basics of music theory, the correct breathing technique (shoulders, back and posture), vocal exercises and the ability to blend voices with others in the choir.

Contact Details
Name: Janette Gode
Email: pyarrabilba@bne.catholic.edu.au
Ph: 5549 8000

Chess Club

Chess is an activity that can be easily learned and enjoyed by anyone.  It is a fascinating game that, when played in a social context, can be enjoyed by children of different ages. Playing chess helps to develop problem solving skills in that the children need to predict what might happen if they make a particular move.  This decision making helps them accept the consequences of their actions and, if a bad move is made, they need to consider the best way to respond.

Contact Details
Name: Gardiner Chess
Email: info@gardinershess.com.au
Ph: 07 5522 7221
Web: www.gardinerchess.com.au